6 Handicrafts Home Decor Products To Beautify Your Home


In a craft rich country like India, handicraft items for home decor purpose are in abundance. The rich culture of the country has given birth to beautiful handicrafts tradition unique to different parts of India, a beautiful heritage that can be preserved and celebrated in our homes.

Here are five of the lovely and unique handicraft home decor products from different parts of India.

Clay Handicrafts

Clay pottery is considered as one of the most ancient forms of handicrafts in India. There are different types of clay pottery – terracotta, red, black and grey pottery. Uttar Pradesh and the Northeast are known for their painted black wares. Krishnanagar in West Bengal, Bikaner, Lucknow, Pune and Himachal Pradesh also make home decor products made of clay. From lovely terracotta planters or clay serving utensils, you can choose from a wide variety of clay handicrafts home decor items.

Brass Handicrafts

Vases, table tops, wall art, lamps, bowls, figurines, plates, ornaments and so many others, you name it and you have an option in brass handicrafts. Brass wares are mainly manufactured in Rajasthan. While purchasing a brass item, always remember to check for a clear coating of lacquer as brass tends to oxidize quickly when exposed to air. Brass products will also have to be regularly polished to keep the shine intact and remove any tarnishing.

Dhokra Handicrafts

Dhokra is one of the oldest forms of handicraft. This tribal handicraft originated in Madhya Pradesh. The other states where Dhokra handicrafts are made are West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. Dhokra craft products looks beautiful in any corner of your home owing to the rugged vibrancy they exuberate.


Jute Handicrafts

Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibers. There is a huge range of jute products which includes bags, rugs, lamps, tables, office stationeries, jewellery, footwear, wall-hangings and so much more. West Bengal, Assam and Bihar are the leading manufacturers of jute handicrafts market in India. Being eco-friendly, jute items not only offer a natural, green way to decorate your house, but also constitute as thoughtful gift items.


Wood Handicrafts

Wood craft was prevalent in India even before stone sculpture came into existence. Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh are known for their unique form of woodworks. Toys, utensils, decorative pieces, jewellery, lamp shades, candle stands, jewellery boxes, etc. are some of the preferred wood crafts in almost every Indian house. Carved wood furniture is also a treasured home decor item.

Paper Handicrafts

This is a simple looking art but involves tedious folds and a lot of hard work. Bright colored papers are combined together to form varied items like kites, masks, decorative flowers, lamp shades, puppets, hand-fans etc. Papier Mache is another form of paper handicraft in India. This craft industry is mainly located in Delhi, Rajghir, Patna, Gaya, Awadh, Ahmedabad, and Allahabad. My favourite paper craft is paper lanterns made out of recycled paper. Light, easy to put up and colourful, these decor elements look wonderful in any house. Another beautiful and very intricate paper art is called Sanjhi – the art of hand cutting designs on paper. It is art typical of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh though it is also practiced in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Traditionally, motifs from the Krishna stories are created in stencil and used to decorate spaces during festive seasons, or are used for filling in with colors in water and on the floors of temples. They can be framed and put up as wall art or can be used to embellish furniture or floors or walls in the house