About Us

Dr. D.Jagannadha Rao
CEO, Vidushi Handicrafts

“Indian handicrafts are patronized by other nations in a big way but within India, there’s still awareness about our culture is in growing stage, heritage and handicrafts and I feel this mindset needs to change”




Vidushi Handicrafts is the brainchild of Dr. DJ Rao who started this venture with a vision to create a thriving business around Indian handicrafts which will serve the society in an economical yet humanitarian way. Vidushi Handicrafts envisions this venture would help to bring more employment opportunities to the artisans and also promote Indian art and handicrafts.

“My goal is also to promote the idea of Make in India through the collections of exquisite Indian handicrafts, jewellery, gemstones and many other things that we sell” echoes Dr. DJ Rao.

As a nation we need to take some serious efforts to push forward our native products within our soil in a big way rather than buying the replicated products from other countries which are not authentic and lack that personal, handmade touch” rues Dr. DJ Rao.

A veteran travel and tourism industry specialist, Dr. DJ Rao has been closely associated with Tourism Sector by providing consultancy to various governments for over a decade years now. It’s during this stint in the tourism sector, he travelled to several states and did he get closely associated with the artisans spread across various part of India. He is assisted by a team of professionals who are responsible for sourcing the right handicraft items, coordinating with the artisans spread across various parts of India, monitoring the overall quality and finished products, ensuring that all inventories are managed well by his team right up to timely and precision delivery.

So what’s his utlimate aim through Vidushi Handicrafts?  “Ultimately, my aim is not just to sell Indian handicrafts as objects but as stories, legacies and idealogies that each of these items stand for.”